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This is the Way to the Moon out in June

"Birdwatchers" at Cape Canaveral

This is the Way to the Moon (originally This is Cape Canaveral, then This is Cape Kennedy) is reissued in June by Rizzoli. Amazon gives the dates as June 1 for the UK and June 23 for the US.

If you’re wondering about the name change, Cape Canaveral was renamed Cape Kennedy after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. However, the residents weren’t so keen and reclaimed the name Cape Canaveral in 1974. The NASA installation based there now goes by the name Kennedy Space Center, so this new title is a neutral way of describing the space center and the surrounding area.

Due to the subject matter this is one of the most unusual This is books with some great illustrations of giant missiles, huge antennae, astronauts (human and non-human) and even a chocolate space shuttle, all recreated with incredible detail.

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Londres, Paris and Rome reissued in France

Paris par M. Sasek Londres par M. Sasek Rome par M. Sasek

The first three This is books, This is Paris, This is London and This is Rome have been reissued by Casterman in French (as Londres, Paris and Rome).

I’ve heard that these reissues are a lot closer to the originals than the Rizzoli ones. They are available online from amazon.fr.

This is Greece out on 20 February 2009

Pictures from This is Greece by M. Sasek

This is Greece will be reissued by Rizzoli on 20 February 2009.

Originally published in 1966, This is Greece is a delightfully sunny tour of the Greek Islands. There are hardly any clouds in the whole book! From ancient wonders like the Acropolis and the Parthenon, to the hustle and bustle of modern-day Athens, it’s a colourful portrait of a fascinating country.

This is Britain out on 15 June 2008

This is Britain is reissued on 15 February 2008.

Originally published as This is Historic Britain in 1974, this was the last book in the This is… series. The original title makes it clear what you get in this volume – a tour of Britain’s historic sights. Perhaps because of the subject matter it’s less colourful than the other titles, but the accuracy of the architectural drawings is amazing.

This is Israel out on 15 June 2008

Grape carriers from This is Israel by M. Sasek

This is Israel is reissued on 15 June 2008.

Originally published in 1962, This is Israel was the 9th book in the original series. This one even comes with a handy Jewish glossary.

This is Rome out on 13 February 2007

Roman tourists from This is Rome by M. Sasek

This is Rome is due on 13 February 2007.

Originally published in 1960, This is Rome was the third book in the This is… series, and almost the last. M. Sasek only planned to write This is Paris, This is London and This is Rome. After the first three titles their popularity was clear and Sasek went on to write another 15 wonderful books in the series.

This is Hong Kong out on 30 January 2007

This is Hong Kong is due out on 30 January 2007.

This is Hong Kong was one of M. Sasek’s three favourite books to create. Interviewed in Books are by people he said:

I loved Hong Kong because of Hong Kong. Hong Kong was a hard book to do because of the language problem. It took me hours and hours to draw the characters of the alphabet. I tried to use a camera but it didn’t work. Sometimes I could have screamed! Three times, ten times, twelve times over it took me to perfect one picture!