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The This is M. Sasek website is getting so out of date that I am quite ashamed! It’s been over 2 years since I updated it. I could reel off lots of excuses about corrupted hard disks, lost passwords, and a general lack of time to sort it out but it’s not worth going into the details. What is important is to get something up and running again so I’ve made this blog as a place for all the M. Sasek news that’s fit to print.

Stay up to date

There isn’t always a lot of news, so to make it easier to follow you can subscribe to the feed using an RSS reader, or have the latest news emailed to you. Or you can get updates by following This is M. Sasek on Twitter, if you like that kind of thing.

Anything to suggest?

The main site will be getting a spring clear in the next few months (hopefully). In the meantime please have a look round and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see on the blog, or on the website once it’s all shiny again. It’s been a bit of a rush putting it all together so do let me know if anything isn’t working.

4 Responses to “New This is M. Sasek blog”

  1. I only discoverd M. Sasek very recently and absolutely adore his work. Both of my children, aged 4 and 8 love looking at and reading “This is Paris” and “This is New York”. I’m looking forward to collecting all of his books…

  2. I am looking for Mr Sasek “This is Prag”. Who could better show Praha?!
    Apparently This, does not exist. I’d be happy to be wrong.



  3. I found a copy of Sasek’s Mike and the Modelmakers as I was sorting through some books I had accumulated for my sons. I’m wondering what it’s worth, and if I should simply put it up for auction on eBay. It’s in lovely condition for a 40 year old book. Minor bumps and shelf rubbing. Thanks.

  4. Nice, I bookmarked this page on Digg under “This is M. Sasek » New This is M. Sasek blog”. So hopefully our friends can give you a visit. Kudos for content!

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